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Mi Casa Door County Cleaning & Property Mgmt LLC is a year round service provider in the northeast area of Wisconsin.The initiative behind launching the “Adopt an Office” campaign was to invite our clients to be able to help local non-profit establishments in Door County.

When you “Adopt an Office”, your donation ($150) goes directly to a non-profit office. This year we are working directly with Help of Door County, a non-for-profit local organization focused on preventing and advocating for domestic violence. Just like this amazing office, many others could also benefit from your donation. Your donation also secures the employment of a gracious local resident in Door County. 

We praise ourselves for being a local business that simply “gets it”. We opened Mi Casa, with the idea of opening business through friendship, cooperation, and helping to keep Door County clean and respected for visitors and locals alike! This campaign is an open invitation to anybody who believes in our work, what we do, who we serve and how we serve. Your donation will aid in boosting the Door County economy as well as helping to donate much needed services to these non-profit organizations. This is how you make long lasting friendships with people, by supporting their dreams.

Consider donating today, our offices are beyond excited about this initiative.

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